Here’s another random and very short clip.  Personality may be a little bit of stretch when talking about fish.  But they definitely have characteristics that make it seem like they have personalities.  Not only among different species but also among individual fish.  It’s hard to notice this since fish inhabit a world that most of us don’t get much chance to visit.  And when we do visit, it’s often using scuba gear that’s noisy and bubbly and makes us pretty suspicious to anything that lives down there.  But when you free dive and get a little better at holding your breath and relaxing underwater, you blend in better and gradually start to notice things.  Like the fact that fish seem to have personalities.  Fish also have very short memories.  As you dive down, they scatter and hide but only a few seconds later they come back out and swim around as if you’d always been there.  And you see that some are curious and some are scared and some are feisty.  I wanted to portray this in a short section of the film but, like so many other ideas I had for the film, there just wasn’t room and my initial beginning of a sequence fell by the wayside. So it’s either post it here or leave it on the cutting room floor, unseen by anybody.  I’ve left it as I initially put it together during some late night brainstorming session – it’s just a little zygote of an idea for a sequence but interesting nonetheless.

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