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The original director’s cut of the film on DVD or Blu-Ray. The film is also available as a digital download on the home page.

Exuma DVD box

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  5. I have been following your Exuma page on Facebook for quite some time. You take absolutely amazing photos. I was fortunate to experience the Exumas this past July. I have traveled all around the world, and have never seen such beauty. We’re heading back in April. Can you recommend any beautiful snorkel locations? Thanks


    1. Thanks a lot, Jaime! April is a great time but can be a little stormy. Good spots on the ocean side may be hard to get to. And so much of it depends on if you have a boat. But anything in the Land and Sea Park is going to be awesome. That’s you’re best bet for marine life. If you’ll be on Great Exuma, I’d go to Dive Exuma and ask them about spots – I think they also do guided snorkel trips which would be a good way to go. Feel free to shoot me questions on Facebook too. Cheers!

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