Hello world!

In this case I guess the “Hello World” default first blog post title is as apt as any.  Just finished building the website and seeding little traces of the film around the internet.  Connecting the dots between photo albums and websites and Facebook pages, shopping carts, streaming services, etc.  I’ve had more than enough HTML, PHP, RSS, MySQL, API, etc. for the time being.  But a movie is no good if only your few best friends see it so it must be plugged into the digital ecosystem – planted firmly in the prolific jungle of the world wide web so that explorers there can happen across it on the forest floor and admire it.  And their footprints will beat a path that others will come across and follow and soon the hoards will come to gaze upon the little Exuma tree growing up toward the light in the canopy.  And then they will buy a DVD when the film is finished.  And I will live to make another film.  So, on behalf of myself and my little art film, “Hello World!”

Genetic code of a rare tree found in the web-jungle

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