“Exuma” is done!  The final edit has been locked and exported and I’m gearing up to tackle the next phase – festival circuits and promotion.  I’m not able to have an official DVD release yet because so many of the film festivals require that films not yet be commercially available.  I am hoping to do a limited run soon however to offer to people that have been waiting for some time now to watch the film.  Thanks so much to everyone who has followed along and supported and encouraged me!  I’ll keep the website and newsletter updated with the latest screening information and news and also updates regarding the DVD release, so stay tuned.

For the moment, here is short video sequence of sea hares that I cut from the film a long time ago.  Sea Hares are among the largest marine gastropods and can weight up to about 4 pounds.  They also turn the color of whatever sea plants they eat and can spew toxic ink to deter predators.  The appendages on their heads that look like ears and give them their name are called rhinophores and are actually smell/taste organs.  I thought it would be an interesting contrast to cut a short sequence of these slow-moving animals to fast-paced, techno-sounding music.  An interesting idea that didn’t make the film but is entertaining nonetheless.  The shots toward the end of two sea hares mating in the wild are fairly rare.

A friend from South Africa stands on me to keep me from floating up in the shallow water as I film sea hares.


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