DVD's and Blu-rays Available on the Website

If you’re reading this you have likely expressed some interest at some point in my film about the Exumas. Thank you! Over the weekend, “Exuma” had its world premiere in my hometown of Missoula at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival. I was in the Sea of Cortez filming whales and missed the premiere . . . → Read More: DVD’s and Blu-rays Available on the Website

No, Really…

In my defense, bringing a project like this to fruition all by yourself is a boat-load of work. But I won’t belabor that point right now – anymore than I already have. Everything is done. The edit is locked, the chapter menus and navigation are designed, the packaging is done, the DVD’s (and Blu-rays) are . . . → Read More: No, Really…

Pre-release DVD Coming Soon

I’ve been hard at work finishing the packaging and cover designs for the Blu-ray and DVD release of the film as well as finalizing chapter menus and authoring the actual disc files. While I can’t have an official release before the film screens at several upcoming festivals, I will be selling a limited number of . . . → Read More: Pre-release DVD Coming Soon

Travel Photographer of the Year Finalist

Yesterday I received notice that a short selection of my video and still imagery from the Exumas has made it through the first 2 rounds of preliminary judging and is now a top 10 finalist in the Travel Photographer of the Year competition. This is a prestigious, international, photo competition and I’m very happy to . . . → Read More: Travel Photographer of the Year Finalist


Here’s another random and very short clip. Personality may be a little bit of stretch when talking about fish. But they definitely have characteristics that make it seem like they have personalities. Not only among different species but also among individual fish. It’s hard to notice this since fish inhabit a world that most of . . . → Read More: Personalities


“Exuma” is done! The final edit has been locked and exported and I’m gearing up to tackle the next phase – festival circuits and promotion. I’m not able to have an official DVD release yet because so many of the film festivals require that films not yet be commercially available. I am hoping to do . . . → Read More: Done.

Joan Mann Interview

A few years ago, while I was on Staniel Cay working on my film, “Exuma,” I met an amazing woman named Joan Mann. She was already quite elderly at the time but it didn’t seem to have slowed her down much. She was energetic and inspired and kind and quickly became a friend. She had . . . → Read More: Joan Mann Interview


Making a film all by yourself takes a long time! But I’ll save the details for some other post. This is just an update that I’ve finished a rough cut of the film and a final version is soon to follow! I’m still expecting an initial release on Blu-ray and standard DVD by the beginning . . . → Read More: Progress!

Speeding up the Bahamas

Last frame of time-lapse – click to view larger

That hot sun behind me seems a long ways away now as I sit in my studio on the hemisphere that is tilting ever so slightly away from the sun. This photo is the last frame of a time-lapse that I shot for Exuma. . . . → Read More: Speeding up the Bahamas

Hello world!

In this case I guess the “Hello World” default first blog post title is as apt as any. Just finished building the website and seeding little traces of the film around the internet. Connecting the dots between photo albums and websites and Facebook pages, shopping carts, streaming services, etc. I’ve had more than enough HTML, . . . → Read More: Hello world!