After five years and thousands of hours of shooting and editing, Exuma is nearly done.  The final stages will require some additional funds however for creating final graphics, music licensing, festival entrance fees, and DVD mastering and duplication costs.   There are lots of ways that you can help bring this film across the finish line so that everyone can appreciate the beauty of this place – and hopefully be motivated to protect it:

1.  Spreading the word through Facebook and e-mail is a great way to help this project reach more people.

2.  All profits from print purchases from the Exuma photo gallery go toward the film.  

3.  Financial contributions of any size are a huge help!  Just click on the “Donate” link below.

4.  Any other creative contribution you might have access too.  If you work in media, reviews are always appreciated.  Moby donated rights to some of his music!   

 Every bit of support helps and will be recognized in the film’s credits.  Thank you!